At least four people are missing and presumed dead after Hurricane Fabian brought high winds and heavy flooding to the island chain of Bermuda. V-O-A's Jim Teeple has more from our Miami bureau.

Authorities say four people, including two police officers were swept away by the storm as their vehicles crossed a causeway linking Bermuda's main airport with the capital, Hamilton.

Thousands of homes remain without power and members of Bermuda's part-time Bermuda regiment have been mobilized to clear roads of hundreds downed trees. Authorities have warned people to stay away from downed power lines.

Heavy property damage is reported, and many of Bermuda's famed golf courses are reported to be ruined. Bermuda's main island which is only 34 kilometers long and two kilometers wide is a major tourist destination and offshore financial center.

Fabian struck Bermuda with sustained winds of 190 kilometers an hour. The storm is the strongest so far of the 2003 hurricane season, and the worst to strike Bermuda in more than 50 years. Fabian has now moved northeast over the Atlantic Ocean.