Nominations for the 45th annual Grammy Awards, honoring the best of the music industry, were announced in New York today.

A diverse group of artists, including rock, R&B, rap and country musicians, picked up nominations for the 45th annual Grammy Awards.

This year no single artist dominated, although eight performers received five nominations each. Grammy awards in 104 categories are presented every year in an internationally televised ceremony by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. The Academy invited recording artists like Justin Timberlake to present the major nominations.

"For album of the year, the nominations are: "Home," Dixie Chicks; "The Eminem Show," by Eminem; "Come Away With Me," by Norah Jones' "Nellyville," by Nelly; and "The Rising," by Bruce Springsteen," Timberlake announced. "The Rising," Bruce Springsteen's response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, was expected to feature prominently in this year's Grammys.

In addition to recognizing the year's prominent popular rock and R&B hits, the Grammys recognize diverse genres including gospel, jazz and classical music.

While Grammy veterans James Taylor, Elton John, Sheryl Crow and controversial rapper Eminem all received nominations, the awards ceremony also serves to recognize new and promising artists.

Rapper Nelly, himself the recipient of five nominations, announced the cream of this year's crop.

"Best new artist nominees, of course, Ashanti, Michelle Branch, Norah Jones, Avril Lavigne and John Mayer," he said.

Eighteen-year-old Avril Lavigne's hit "Complicated" was also nominated for song of the year. R&B artist Ashanti received five nominations, as did singer Nora Jones.

Jones was a big winner in the nomination competition. Her hit "Don't Know Why" was nominated for Record, Album and Song of the year.

The February 23 Grammy ceremony returns to New York for the first time in five years after a headline grabbing rift between former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and a Grammy official.

Current mayor Michael Bloomberg lobbied to bring the ceremony back to the city.

"This sends a message to all 175 countries around the world that will watch the Grammys that this is the happening place," said the mayor. "This is where showtime really takes place. Whether it is on court or on the stage, New York is where you want to be."

The Grammy Award Ceremony is expected to generate $40 million.