In a career spanning 30 years, actor Danny Aiello has played some of Hollywood's most memorable characters. Working with such top directors as Martin Scorcese, Spike Lee and Woody Allen, Aiello often gets cast as the working-class elder statesman, portraying urban tough guys as well as gentle, sensitive types. But, had it not been for acting, Danny Aiello would have done just fine as a singer.

Danny Aiello says he always wanted to sing. As a kid growing up in New York City, he and his friends sang a cappella on street corners. Later, as a part-time host at a comedy club, Aiello entertained customers by going on stage and singing at 2 or 3 in the morning.

Acting came next. Since taking a small part in the 1973 film Bang The Drum Slowly, Aiello has rarely been out of work. Twice he's combined his love for music and film, singing in the movies Once Around and Hudson Hawk. And then there was his appearance in Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" video in 1986. But, of course, Madonna did all the singing in that one.

Finally, in 2003, Aiello was presented an offer he couldn't refuse, a recording contract with the independent label IN2N Entertainment. Admitting that he started acting late in life, Aiello realized time had not yet run out on his dream of recording an album.

Danny Aiello makes an impressive debut on his album, I Just Wanted To Hear The Words, with classics like "Pennies From Heaven" and "You Made Me Love You." Equally at home on ballads as he is with big band and swing, Aiello easily tackles the Great American Songbook.

On "The Curtain Falls," Aiello sounds like he might have tapped into a little "method" acting. Hearing his bittersweet ode to closing nights, it's obvious he's been there before. He also covers the works of Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter and Harold Arlen, to name a few.

Danny Aiello, the actor, is busier than ever. He recently completed work on a feature film, titled Lobster Farm, to be followed by a co-starring role with his son Rick in That's Amore.