David Hasselhoff has won a long-running legal battle with ex-wife Pamela Bach for custody of their two daughters.

The actor's attorney Melvin Goldsman said the June 15 decision gave Hasselhoff primary physical custody and full legal custody of the two girls.

Bach and her lawyer, Debra A. Opri, declined to speak about the case, saying they were prevented from doing so by a court order.

Hasselhoff, 54, the former star of the TV series Baywatch, and Bach, 43, have been splittling custody of their two daughters, Hayley, 14, and Taylor, 17.

Last month, Hasselhoff lost visitation rights for two weeks after a videotape showing him drunkenly eating a cheeseburger in his Las Vegas home was made public. One of his daughters is heard chastising him.

Hasselhoff, a recovering alcoholic, said he was humbled by the public support he received after the videotape aired.