Afghanistan is urging Iran to stop deporting Afghans, saying the expulsions could create a humanitarian crisis.

A spokesman for the Afghan foreign affairs ministry Thursday asked Iran to stop the deportations - particularly now, during Afghanistan's harsh winter.

Sultan Baheen warned that the deportations could create a humanitarian disaster because many of the refugees will not have shelter. He added the winter deportations defy Islam and will violate the human rights of refugees.

Iran has said it plans to deport most of the 1.5 million illegal Afghan migrants that are living in the country. It began expelling this year's first group of Afghan refugees on Wednesday when it deported 220 Afghan men.

Kabul has asked Tehran to conduct the expulsions in a gradual, orderly and humane manner.

Several million Afghans fled to Iran after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan almost 30 years ago and fighting among Afghan factions. Iranian officials say the immigrants are a strain on its economy.