The African Union is monitoring any ceasefire violations in Darfur in western Sudan. El Ghassim Wane is the acting head of the AU?s Crisis Management Center. From Addis Ababa, he spoke to English to Africa reporter Joe De Capua about AU efforts in Darfur.

He says there have been violations of the April ceasefire, and those violations have been reported to the various parties and the United Nations.

Also, he says Nigerian and Rwandan troops are expected to arrive soon and will be deployed in Darfur to help keep the peace. There is no exact date for their arrival. He says, ?We are right now working to deploy the protection element, which is made up of about 300 people?and we do hope that we?ll be able to proceed to their deployment shortly. We are working hard for them to be deployed and most of the steps have already been completed. We are just finalizing the airlift aspect of it.?

He says the AU is taking the lead in monitoring the ceasefire and the search for a solution in Darfur. The organization is in frequent contact with the various parties involved.

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