Tuesday, October 7th, in Durban, South Africa, a new campaign gets underway to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. It?s called AIDS WALK AFRICA and is sponsored by the U-S based Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

AIDS WALK AFRICA is a seven-day campaign involving 120 walkers in all. The theme is: Accept the Challenge, Walk for Hope.

Each walker has a big responsibility. He or she ?is required to raise 10-thousand dollars,? with all proceeds going to the foundation?s Call to Action Sites. The organization says its Call to Action program ?has trained hundreds of health care workers and provided access to counseling and testing to more than 200-thousand pregnant women.?

Joining the walkers for part of the journey each day will be celebrities, scientists, health care workers, business leaders and family members.

One of the celebrities taking part is Kimberly Locke, third place finisher of the very popular American TV program American Idol. Each day, we?ll be talking to Kimberly about AIDS Walk Africa and what she has been seeing on her trip through South Africa?s KwaZulu- Natal Province. The province is reported to have the highest HIV prevalence rate in a country where up to five million people are believed infected.

So, be sure to tune in to Africa World Tonight for our conversations with Kimberly Locke.