Al-Qaida has claimed responsibility for the July 7 London subway and bus bombings that killed 52 people.

The Arabic language television network al-Jazeera Thursday broadcast what it said is a videotape of one of the bombers, Mohammad Sidique Khan, made just before the attack. On the video, he blames the bombings on British support for the war in Iraq and what he calls atrocities against Muslims.

British officials say four suicide bombers were killed in the July 7 attacks. An attempted bombing two weeks later failed. It is still not clear if there is a direct tie between the two attacks.

The videotape also included comments from al-Qaida's second-in-command, Ayman al-Zawahiri. He warned that British Prime Minster Tony Blair's policies would bring more destruction to the British people.

The British Foreign Office said it will not comment on any aspects of the tape.

Some information for this report provided by AFP.