The 7-6 come from behind victory, by the American League over the National League in the 74th All-Star Game, gives the American League home field advantage for the October World Series.

The National League was sailing along with a 6-4 lead going into the bottom of the 8th with ace reliever, Eric Gagne of the Dodgers on the mound. After giving up an RBI double to Toronto's Vernon Wells, Gagne faced pinch hitter, Hank Blaylock of Texas.

Blaylock hit a 3-1 fastball to the right center field seats for a 2-run homer, for a 7-6 American League lead and eventual victory. Afterwards, Gagne knew just how important his losing pitch was.

"I guess the old National team is going to think about it in October and hopefully it'll be our team that'll go out there hopefully our players are going to say 'okay we got to pick them up a little bit.' And we'll get to the play off and, you know, make the World Series so I can redeem myself," he said.

That final score: American League 7, National League 6.