As the U.S. led war with Iraq continues, public opinion polls show Americans strongly support the war effort now, even if they initially opposed it. The President?s approval rating is at 70 percent, up from 58 percent in pre-war polls. Kimberly Russell reports.

In Washington, D.C., many of those admiring the cherry blossoms said they backed President Bush?s decision to attack Iraq. Janice Burch was among them.

?I have been a Bush supporter since the very start, and I trust his decisions. I know he knows things we don?t know. And, I have supported him at the start since the very start on his decision.?

Rory Lopez is against the war, but he supports the military now that it is in combat.

?I have been against the war and been against sending the troops in. The troops are there, and so my opinion now is that I am for the troops that are there, and I am for trying to accomplish what we set out to do.?

Doctor Decosta Willis says the war is a huge mistake.

?My feelings have probably intensified as the war has increased, and I see that devastation that is being done on the innocent people of Iraq. I too am not for Saddam Hussein, but I just feel a lot of empathy for the people there.?

But Peter Schwartz never had any doubts about a U.S. led war with Iraq.

?I was for it when it started, and I am even more for it now. It looks like we are making good progress as opposed to the prognostications of the news media.?

But with all the support for the war, many Americans also fear the consequences, such as increased terrorist attacks in the United States and the possibility that North Korea will manufacture nuclear weapons.