Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe?s ZANU-PF has failed to regain its parliamentary majority after a partial recount of votes from polls held last month. The opposition MDC led by Morgan Tsvangirai said a partial recount solidifies their victory in parliament.

MDC?s also claims they?ve won the presidential vote as despite the government?s failure to release the final results.

John Makumbe, professor of political science at the University of Zimbabwe, Harare told VOA?s Akwei Thompson confusion surrounding the presidential election result remains because of the government?s failure to release the results after the 29th march vote. 

Makumbe said talk about the government releasing them immediately after the recount was mere speculation ?because SADC urged the government of Zimbabwe to release the vote by latest Saturday, 26th April, but there is no real commitment from the Zimbabwe to so.?

?We believe that the Zimbabwe government is still in the process of recounting and there is a possibility they may even be manipulating the vote in order to reduce the damage to Robert Mugabe?there is a very strong likelihood that they may come up with an election result which says there has to be a run-off, Makumbe added.

He said the government might even fail to release the results as scheduled because ?I think the figures are not tallying.?