Puerto Rican election officials have certified Anibal Acevedo Vila as the island's new governor, ending a recount process that lasted nearly two months.

The move comes days after officials said the Popular Democratic Party candidate defeated former governor Pedro Rosello by nearly 3,200 votes of the 1.9 million cast.

Mr. Acevedo Vila had held a narrow lead after the November second vote, forcing a recount.

Mr. Rosello's New Progressive Party challenged thousands of votes cast for Mr. Acevedo Vila. The challenge ended last week when a U.S. federal appeals court backed the Puerto Rican election commission's ruling allowing the votes.

Mr. Acevedo Vila favors Puerto Rico remaining a U.S. commonwealth, while Mr. Rosello favors pursuing U.S. statehood for the island. Mr. Acevedo Vila will be inaugurated on Sunday.