A cross section of Anjoaunese have reportedly welcomed as good news attempt by forces loyal to the Comoros Islands and the African Union to topple embattled President Mohamed Bacar. This comes after Comoros Islands union President Mohamed Sambi delivered a speech yesterday claiming that the invasion is enjoying an overwhelming success.

He assured Anjoaunese that they would soon be free after what he described as being held hostage by Bacar. Bacar has reportedly gone into hiding since the invasion began two days ago. Abdurrahman Baramia is a journalist in the Comoros Islands. From the capital, Moroni he tells reporter Peter Clottey that the invasion will only end if Bacar is removed from power.

?The latest development here is that the invasion which the government of Comoros wants to make in Anjouan has already been made because yesterday morning, the soldiers of the Africa Union and the Comorian Union invaded the island of Anjouan in order to topple Colonel Mohamed Bacar,? Baramia noted.

He said Comoros Islands? union President Sambi expressed satisfaction with the success of the ongoing invasion.

?Today evening, about 8:30 the President of the Comoros Islands Mr. Ahmed Abdulahi Sambi made a special speech to tell the Comorians that the invasion is already done in Anjouan,? he said.

Baramia said since the African Union and forces loyal to the Comoro Islands? invasion, embattled President Bacar has gone into hiding.

?Actually there is no communication between here, Anjouan and Moheli. But according to the report that we got from Ajouan is that no one knows exactly where Mohamed Bacar is. But most of the people are saying that Mohamed Bacar in Baracani place. Baracani is a big military there, and Mohamed Bacar is there. So the Comorian soldiers and the African Union soldiers are trying to find where Mohamed Bacar is,? Baramia pointed out.

He said citizens of Anjouan hailed the invasion speech by union President Sambi.

?Of course most of the people celebrated the speech because even the people of Anjouan celebrated the speech. And he (Sambi) said that he does not want the people of Anjoaun to take responsibility by them. They see that the invasion is already in progress there in Anjouan,? he said.

Baramia said the invasion has so far achieved some successes.

?The invasion has already succeeded, but it is not yet done automatically because most of the officials of the government have so far not said anything to that effect, except according to Mohamed Sambi?s speech we know that the soldiers of the union government and African union soldiers are already invading Anjouan. And may be it can take about two days or three days to topple Mohammed Bacar from power,? Baramia noted.