Attorney General John Ashcroft has released the identity of another suspected al-Qaida terrorist, who, along with four other Muslim men, was seen on videotape uncovered in Afghanistan, delivering what looked to be messages about a possible suicide attack. U.S. authorities are asking for the public's help in finding all five.

Four of the suspected terrorists have already been identified. On Friday, Attorney General Ashcroft said U.S. authorities have now received enough information through hundreds of leads to identify the fifth as a 36-year-old Canadian of Tunisian descent.

"The name of the 5th terrorist is Al-Rauf Bin Al Habib Bin Yousef Al-Jiddi," revealed Mr. Ashcroft.

All five were seen delivering what the attorney general says appeared to be martyrdom messages on videotapes found in the rubble of a compound in Afghanistan used by top aide to Osama bin Laden, Muhammad Atef.

"We identified Al-Jiddi through discovery of a suicide letter found in the ruins of the Atef residence by U.S. military personnel in Afghanistan," explained Mr. Ashcroft. "In addition, the Canadian government assisted us by identifying al-Jiddi."

All of the suspected al-Qaida members remain at large. The attorney general can not say whether authorities believe they're somewhere in the United States or abroad.

He also released photographs altered by the FBI showing how all five suspects might look if they decided to change their appearance by shaving and wearing western attire. Authorities believe the five may be trained and prepared to commit future terrorist attacks.