VOA's Larry James has been on the scene of Wednesday's bloody bus bombing in Jerusalem and described it this way.

From where I am standing on Jaffa Road, I'm about 25 to 30 meters away from a red and white city bus that has the windows blown out of it, all of the windows. The left hand side of the bus, also, has a big explosion mark and in the very front of the bus, the roof is pulled back as though, perhaps, the explosion or a goodly part of it took place there, at the very entrance to the bus.

The area around here is completely surrounded by curious onlookers and, also, there are a number of rescue personnel who are here trying to retrieve some of the bodies from the vehicle still. We see body parts being loaded onto stretchers and carried off.

We have no firm figure on casualties, but the scene is one that has been repeated very many times in Israel in the past several years. In the neighborhood on the way over here, I walked through a part of the city that is a very old part with very narrow alleys and streets, and I encountered an Israeli patrol, armed patrol, knocking down doors of some of the houses on the way and looking very intently, as though they were checking to make sure that there were no other individuals in the area who were intent on terrorist acts.

There are a number of armed police here, trying to get people away from the scene. Again, they are not entirely convinced that the threat has been eliminated with this one explosion.