Yasser Arafat has been buried at his West Bank compound, as a sea of Palestinian mourners chanted "With our soul, with our blood, we will support you Abu Ammar."

The 75-year-old leader, also known by his nom de guerre "Abu Ammar," was laid to rest at the compound where he spent the last three-and-a-half years of his life as a virtual prisoner of Israel.

Palestinian masons worked through the night at the Muqataa compound to prepare his grave.

Tens of thousands of mourners waving Palestinian flags, and photos of their leader greeted the military helicopter as it brought his flag-draped coffin from a funeral in Cairo.

Arab royalty and heads-of-state, joined by European, American and other international officials, gathered for the service at a mosque near Cairo's airport.

Mr. Arafat died early Thursday in a Paris hospital after a brief but undisclosed illness.