A U.S. soldier at the center of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal in Iraq is to plead guilty Monday to reduced charges.

Her attorney says Army Reservist Lynndie England will plead guilty to conspiracy, maltreating prisoners and dereliction of duty. Two charges are to be dropped.

England was seen in widely publicized photographs holding a leash attached to a naked detainee at Abu Ghraib and, in another photo, smiling and pointing at a prisoner's genitals.

The judge must still accept the plea agreement that could bring a maximum prison term of 11 years, instead of 16. The New York Times, citing prosecution sources, says England is expected to receive a term of 30 months.

England's ex-boyfriend, described as the ringleader of the abuse, has already been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Some information for this report provided by AP.