The McClymonts are taking Nashville?s country music scene by storm. Sam, Brooke, and Mollie McClymont have enjoyed success in their native Australia where they are one of the hottest acts in Australian country music.

The McClymont sisters are Australia?s latest musical export. Sam says their three-part harmonies and soaring vocals have developed over a lifetime of performing together.

?We were singing since we were very little, solo and together. We always knew we liked singing together, but it was not until we finished [high] school and we could put 110 percent into the band that we decided to go forward with this trio and write songs and make music together,? said Sam McClymont.

Their most recent CD ?Wrapped Up Good? features music written with songwriters in the US and Australia. But according to Brooke, finding time to write songs can be a challenge for the sisters.

?It is actually hard to pin us three down alone when we are not on the road touring.  We got to Nashville and write with all the songwriters in Nashville as well as Australian writers.  We kind of have to book time to work together,? said Brooke McClymont.

The Country Music Awards of Australia have honored The McClymonts four times as the ?Group of the Year,? and they look forward to having similar success in the U.S. Their popularity is growing and Mollie credits their American fans with picking their newest single.

?It is a song called ?I Could Be A Cowboy? which the three of us wrote with Nathan Chapman who produces Taylor Swift. We did not think of it as a single in Australia when we put out the album (there) last year but it is the highest selling single on iTunes off our album in America so we are listening to the audience,? said Mollie McClymont.

The McClymonts have spent most of the last year focusing on the on the U.S. market. But Brooke says living in the US poses some challenges.

?Driving on the other side of the road, I am just confused now because we have been living here [Nashville, Tennessee] and back and forth [to Australia] for Christmas, and it has taken me a while. When I go home I literally have to look left and right. I do not care what side of the road I am on, I just constantly do a double check,? Brooke McClymont.

?Over here in America we found people really embrace new artists, it has been wonderful. When we go to a festival or fair, people have actually 'Googled' your name and listen to your songs on You Tube, and come with photos and music ready for you to sign. They are actually interested,? said Sam McClymont.

Sam, Mollie and Brooke are playing shows in Australia before launching a summer tour in the U.S. and releasing their third CD, ?Two Worlds Collide.?