These Hollywood Foreign Press Association awards are often seen as a good indicator of who will win the more prestigious Oscars next month.

The Golden Globe Awards have recognized the films The Aviator and Sideways at their annual Hollywood ceremony Sunday.

The Aviator, the story of the eccentric, billionaire, flight pioneer Howard Hughes, was named best motion picture drama. And Leonardo DiCaprio was named best dramatic actor for his portrayal of Hughes.

"I am supposed to be many things which are not complimentary. I am supposed to be capricious. I have been called a playboy. I have even been called an eccentric, but I do not believe that I have the reputation of being a liar," said Hughes, in the movie clip, that was listened during the ceremony.

Actor DiCaprio thanked director Martin Scorsese, who brought the story to the screen.

"Growing up in this business and truly wanting to be a part of the world of film, I'm a truly privileged person standing here today. But I must say the pinnacle of all that has been to work alongside one of the greatest contributors to the world of cinema of our time, and that is the great Martin Scorsese," said Mr. DiCaprio.

Sideways, the tale of a trip by two friends through California's wine-growing region, was named best musical or comedy.

Clint Eastwood was named best director for Million Dollar Baby, the tale of a woman boxer and a veteran trainer. Along with directing the film, Eastwood played the trainer, and thanked the other stars.

"I'd like to thank the great Hilary Swank and the world's greatest actor, Morgan Freeman," said Mr. Eastwood.

Hilary Swank was named best dramatic actress for her starring role in the film.

Jamie Foxx was named best actor in a musical or comedy for his leading role in Ray, a film biography of rhythm and blue great, Ray Charles.

Actor Foxx turned his thoughts to the late singer, who helped him prepare for the role before he died last year at age 73.

"I'm going to thank Ray Charles," he said. "I sat with Ray Charles, and I was sitting and I was playing with him. And I hit the wrong note and he said, why the hell would you do that? And I said, I don't know. He said the notes are right underneath your fingers. He said life is notes right underneath our fingers. All you've got to do is take the time to play the right notes. Ray, we are playing beautiful music right now today."

Natalie Portman and Clive Owen were both honored for their supporting roles in Closer, a film about two couples who learn the consequences of infidelity. Veteran filmmaker Mike Nichols directed the film.

Comedian Will Ferrell presented the award for best actress in a musical or comedy

"And the Golden Globe goes to Annette Bening," he announced.

In Being Julia, Annette Bening plays an egotistical actress who has an affair with a younger man in 1930s London.

The Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film went to The Sea Inside from Spain, starring Javier Bardem. It is based on a true story of a seaman who becomes quadriplegic and fights for 30 years for the right to die.

Robin Williams received a lifetime achievement award, and he thanked the Hollywood foreign press in a half-dozen languages.

"Grazie, gracias, danke, merci, xie xie, arigato gozaimas, thank you Hollywood foreign press," said Mr. Williams.

Musician Mick Jagger shared an award for best original song for a motion picture for Old Habits Die Hard from the film Alfie.

The Golden Globes are awarded by a group of fewer than 100 international reporters who cover entertainment in Hollywood. The movie industry pays attention because the results can point to winners at the more prestigious Oscars or Academy Awards, which will be given out February 27.