People missing in the Balkans

  • Croatia - More than 2,300 remain missing following the 1991-1995 war
  • Bosnia-Herzegovina - More than 30,000 reported missing. The fate of more than 8,700 remains unknown
  • Macedonia - At least 20 reported missing during the country’s 2001 ethnic conflict. They include 12 Macedonians, six Albanians and one Bulgarian national
  • Kosovo - More than 1,700 remain unaccounted for following the 1998-1999 armed conflict
  • Montenegro - 83 Bosnians went missing after fleeing to Montenegro to escape conflict in Bosnia-Herzegovina, and then being forcibly returned there. At least 20 were killed in a prison camp, while the fate of 34 remains unknown 
  • Source: Amnesty International, ICRC, Institute for War and Peace Reporting