United States military forces in the former Yugoslav, and throughout Europe, have been placed on increased alert following the terrorist attacks in the United States.

The 3,000 American troops at Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo near the Macedonian border have moved to a higher level of readiness.

Soldiers are wearing flak jackets on the base and non-essential movements have been curtailed. But base spokesman Major Randy Martin says regular patrols along the border continue and there has been no change in the NATO mission in either Kosovo or Macedonia.

There is heightened security at American embassies throughout Europe. And here in Skopje there is increased security at Camp Able Sentry where 500 U.S. soldiers, part of the Nato mission, are posted.

About 4,500 NATO troops are in Macedonia, half way through a 30 day mission to collect weapons voluntarily handed over by ethnic Albanian insurgents. Major Anna Kimber, a spokeswoman for British forces in Macedonia, says security has been stepped up at NATO installations throughout the country.

Macedonian President Boris Trajkovski says he is shocked at the devastation in New York and Washington. He pledged increased cooperation with the United States is the fight against terrorism. In Montenegro, visiting Yugoslav president Vojislav Kostunica spoke of the horror of the terrorist attacks, saying they have shaken the entire world. He said the attacks prove that in both good and bad the entire world is now a global village.