Major League Baseball and a planned advertising campaign for a new movie have struck out with fans.

One day after announcing an unprecedented promotion to have advertisements on bases next month, Major League Baseball reversed course Thursday and eliminated that part of its marketing deal for Spider-Man 2.

Under the original plan, red and yellow ads were to appear on bases - but not home plate - during games from June 11 - 13. The plan began to crumble late Wednesday when the New York Yankees said they would only allow the ads on bases during batting practice and only for one game. Many baseball purists denounced the plan, including Fay Vincent, a former baseball commissioner and president of Columbia Pictures. Baseball's Hall of Fame said it could find no records of ads ever appearing on bases during games. The promotion will continue with giveaways and other ads at ballparks.

The ads on bases were to appear as part of a deal involving Major League Baseball Properties, Marvel Studios and Sony Incorporated, the parent of Columbia Pictures, which is releasing the movie on June 30.