Authorities in southern Germany are intensifying efforts to apprehend a bear that ambled into a lakeside resort and even sat down outside a police station before departing.

The 100 kilogram brown bear is a fugitive from Italy who first wandered across the German border into Bavaria last month.

The bear, known as JJ-1, was quickly christened Bruno by a mesmerized German public. But since then, he has come to be seen as an unwelcome visitor who has killed dozens of farm animals and approached homes in the German Alps.

Late Friday, Bruno strolled into the resort of Kochel am Se, where, the Associated Press says, a man saw Bruno in a street on all fours. Later, he sat down outside a police station before heading into the woods.

Police have hired a Finnish team of hunting experts with tranquilizer darts to capture Bruno.

Authorities say the bear sleeps all day and travels up to 50 kilometers each night. Hunting dogs accompanying the Finns are said to be hampered by the steep terrain in the darkness.

Some information for this report was provided by AP.