Ferris State University Student Nabila Taufiq
Ferris State University Student Nabila Taufiq

Nabila Taufiq is in her junior year at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan and although the earlier years here were difficult, she says receiving an education in the United States is highly valued around the world.  "Well, the thing is I've been here for a pretty long time so I am use to the school system here and when I first came here it was definitely hard for me to adjust to the school system here because the school system in Bangladesh is so different, so I thought that if I stayed here and finish my education here it would be much better for me," she says.

"Also, I think the education in the United States is very much valued all over the world and there are more opportunities here for students."

Nabila moved to the United States from Bangladesh at a very young age with her family. Nabila's initial interest consist of a bit of math and science, however she finally decided to declare her major in education.  "I'm an education major. Secondary education.  I'm doing actually a math major and chemistry minor and the reason I chose education I was actually choosing pharmacy first and then I tried chemistry for a while, but I chose education because I want more out of a job.  The thing is for me education seems like something that I would enjoy because also I am a minority.  I am an international student so I think education for me would be great to be a teacher because then students would be exposed to diversity from a very young age and I think that would definitely be good for them."

Becoming an Educator Tops Nabila's List While Stud
Becoming an Educator Tops Nabila's List While Studying at Ferris State University

Some things Nabila enjoys about Ferris University besides studying is.."Well it is close to home and I was talking to people at the international center and they are very friendly to me. They are very nice and just the staff, I love the teachers, the professors and especially [those at] the international center.  They are like a second family.  Whenever I have a problem I can go to them and ask them.  They are very involved with students lives so I really like that about them.

Now one of Nabila's activity includes her giving back to other international students.  "I'm a secretary at the international student organization.  I work with international students and basically sometimes organize activities for them to get together and we try to involve students more, like get them involved more and try to make them more comfortable," she said.

It did take me a while to [adapt to] being one of the very few minorities, but I don't regret it at all going there.  I absolutely love it there.  Although I am a minority, people are very open to me and I feel I get to share my experiences more.  People ask me questions all the time. I get to share my experiences and stories and ideas.

Whether Nabila goes back to Bangladesh or stays in the United States, teaching is at the top of her list of what she wants to do.  "I'm hoping to finish in a year or two and I would like to become a high school teacher and I can either stay here or go back to Bangladesh.  Even if I go back to Bangladesh I would like to do the same thing.  I would like to teach students.  I think teaching is definitely a good profession for me anywhere I go, I would definitely like to teach."

Nabila's advice to other international students is...  "It is going to be a little difficult, but be yourself.  Don't give into peer pressure or anything else just be yourself and hold on to your values, your morals, your culture, but don't be so stuck to your culture that you are not open to anything because it is going to be a little difficult getting use to the language and the culture and yeah, just the culture I guess, but you will definitely get use to it.  Once you get use to it, it is much more enjoyable."