Jessica Berman has been in radio for more than two decades, and at Voice of America she's finally found a place to indulge her long running interest in scientific and medical topics.

After graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in mass communications, Jessica got her professional start at a small, day time country music station in Richmond, Virginia, anchoring the afternoon news. From there, she moved across town to a 24-hour rock music station - also to anchor the afternoon news.

Jessica's BIG BREAK came in 1983, when she was hired to serve as Capitol Hill Correspondent for the large radio group Westinghouse Broadcasting. For three years, she dutifully pounded the marble floors of Congress, the Supreme Court, the White House and the State Department.

In 1986, Ms. Berman went "public" - she reported the news at a public radio station in Washington, DC and began what would be a long freelance career as a newscaster at National Public Radio. But her best and most rewarding career move, so far, came in 1992, when Jessica Berman was hired by the Voice of America as Science and Medicine Correspondent.