Search teams have recovered one of two black box recorders from an Egyptian plane that crashed into the Red Sea two weeks ago, killing all 148 people on board. The other black box has been located but not yet retrieved.

The black boxes should provide clues to what exactly caused the Boeing 737 to crash shortly after takeoff two weeks ago.

The flight data recorder tracks a plane's movements and the other black box records the flight crew's conversations during the final moments of the ill-fated flight.

It has taken this long to retrieve the boxes because they were lodged about 1,000 meters deep in the waters of the Red Sea.

The plane, carrying mostly French tourists returning from vacation in the Egyptian resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh, crashed on January 3

The French have played a major role in the search and recovery effort, sending in medical experts, divers, vessels from the French navy and special robotic submarine equipment.

Egyptian and French officials believe a technical fault is to blame for the crash, and have all but ruled out terrorism as a factor.