Bolivian President-elect Evo Morales and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez have announced an energy agreement to benefit Bolivia.

At a joint news conference in Caracas Tuesday, the leaders said Venezuela would supply 150,000 barrels of diesel fuel each month to Bolivia.

Mr. Chavez said Bolivia would pay Venezuela in agricultural goods.

Mr. Morales arrived in Venezuela Tuesday for talks with Mr. Chavez. President-elect Morales said he will join what he called the "anti-imperialist fight," adding that this is a new millennium for the people, not for empires.

The two men share similar political views and are vocal opponents of U.S. influence in Latin America. Earlier Tuesday, they visited the national pantheon in Caracas and laid a floral tribute at the tomb of a Venezuelan Indian hero.

Venezuela is the first stop of a 10-day trip that also will take Mr. Morales to Europe, China and Brazil. He takes office January 22 to become Bolivia's first Indian president.