Iraqi authorities said three separate bombings in Baghdad have killed two people and wounded at least 16 others.

In the bloodiest incident Wednesday, police said two civilians were killed and 10 injured when a roadside bomb hit a vehicle carrying members of Baghdad's provincial council in the central Firdos Square.

Meanwhile, Russia is accusing U.S. troops of intentionally slamming into a car carrying Russian diplomats in Baghdad.

Russia's Foreign Ministry said three diplomats suffered injuries in the incident. It said a convoy of U.S. military vehicles passed a column of Russian armored cars carrying diplomats, and struck one of the cars and tried to push it off the road.

Moscow has demanded a U.S. inquiry into the incident. An American military spokesman in Baghdad said the allegations will be investigated.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said the Russian cars were traveling from Baghdad's Green Zone to the airport in the Iraqi capital at the time of the incident.


Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.