Spain's acting interior minister has confirmed that a bomb planted on a railway track between Madrid and Seville was made from the same brand and type of explosives used in the March 11 train bombings.

Traffic on Spain's high-speed train service between Madrid and Seville is back to normal after it was suspended Friday when a bomb was discovered on one of the tracks. Acting Interior Minister Angel Acebes confirmed in a press conference that the 26 pounds of explosives buried under the track were of the same type used in the March 11 bombings of Madrid commuter trains that killed 191 people

He says investigators were checking the bomb for fingerprints and determining whether the explosives were from the same lot used in the Madrid bombings.

He said earlier that the extremist Moroccan Islamic Combatant Group as the main suspect behind the terrorist attacks. But he cautioned it was too early to link the group to the last incident.

At least 24 people have been arrested in an ongoing investigation. Of those 14 suspects, mostly Moroccans, have been imprisoned.

The bag of explosives was discovered Friday about 40 miles south of Madrid by an alert railway patrolman during a routine inspection.

The immediate suspension of six high-speed Ave trains snarled busy pre-Easter holiday rail traffic.