Michael Bowman specializes in Latin American affairs, immigration issues and economic matters as a Washington-based correspondent. In 2003, Michael returned to Washington after a five-year stint as Miami bureau chief. During that time he covered numerous local, regional and international stories, including the devastation of Hurricane Mitch, the Elian Gonzalez saga, the 2000 Florida election debacle, the detainee operation at the U.S. Naval Station in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and unrest in both Haiti and Venezuela.

Michael joined VOA in 1989, shortly after graduating from Johns Hopkins University with a BA in International Relations. Initially an intern, he has also been a staff news writer, editor, and news program anchor.

Michael grew up in Seattle, Washington and still follows the Mariners baseball team. He enjoys cooking and making glass tile mosaics in his spare time. He has a life partner and two noisy parrots.