Brad Paisley is a triple threat in Country music - a talented singer, extraordinary guitarist and accomplished songwriter.  Brad showcases all of those talents on his new album, American Saturday Night.

American Saturday Night is earning Brad Paisley some of the best critical reviews of his career.  The Washington Post praised him for being "as versatile an artist as Nashville has produced in years," and The New York Times called Brad "the most important act in mainstream Country music."  His fans are equally impressed with the album.  First-week sales led to a Number One debut on Billboard's Country chart.

Brad says the songs on American Saturday Night are some of the most personal he's ever written.

"I really didn't hold back," he said.  "I talk about some really personal stuff in my life.  It felt like that was the new frontier for me."  

Brad wrote the romantic ballad "Then" for his wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley.  The song recently became his 10th consecutive Number One Country hit.

Among the album's 14 tracks are a few that deal with more serious themes than his previous releases.

"I've done some role playing in some songs like 'Online' and 'Ticks,'" explains Paisley. "It's just not where I'm at right now in my life to seriously sing that.  Especially with what's going on in our country, you know, the economic times and some of this.  We wanted to be a little more timely than that with this record."

Brad sings about social and technological advances in "Welcome To The Future," the latest single from American Saturday Night.  He recently performed the song and several others at the White House for President Barack Obama, the first lady and members of Congress.

"Being able to deliver that message personally to one of the people who ushered in this new era is really one of the most completely, artistically satisfying moments I've ever had," Paisley said.