Brazil has added its voice to nations condemning Thursday's suicide bombing in Jerusalem, in which a Brazilian was among the 16 people killed. The Brazilian government also is calling for restraint.

The Brazilian foreign ministry Friday issued a communique deploring Thursday's bombing - calling it a "cowardly and barbaric act." It expressed sympathy to the victims and their families, including the family of Brazilian Jorge Balaz. Mr. Balaz, who lived in a kibbutz in Israel, was killed and his wife and daughter were severely injured by the explosion. Brazilian newspapers Friday published pictures of Mr. Balaz' wife Flora, her face and arms covered with blood. According to Brazilian newspaper reports, the three had spent the morning touring Jerusalem and were just approaching the pizza restaurant when the bomb exploded.

In its communique Friday, the Brazilian foreign ministry said the bombing and all acts of violence contribute only to aggravate the situation - and increase the hostility and intolerance between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Brazilian government went on to call for restraint by all sides to stop the spiral of violence, which it said "undermines" the possibility for dialogue and negotiation that, in its words, are essential to bring peace to the region.