Britain's senior representative in Iraq predicts the British military will be in the country until at least 2005, and the next few months will be a rough time for coalition forces.

The British special envoy to Iraq, Jeremy Greenstock, says anti-coalition insurgents in Iraq will be increasing their attacks over the coming months.

Mr. Greenstock has told the London Times newspaper that terrorists intend to make Iraq ungovernable through violence to try to convince the world the American-led coalition cannot control the country.

Mr. Greenstock also says Iraq's neighbors, Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, are not doing enough to keep terrorists from infiltrating Iraq.

As the former British ambassador to the United Nations, Mr. Greenstock tried in vain to get the Security Council to support military action in Iraq before the March invasion. He says if that had happened, the occupation would now been seen as a multinational effort and not a U.S. dominated operation.