British police say they have arrested two people in northern England during an anti-terrorism operation.

A police statement says the two people are suspected of possessing information that could be used for a terrorist purpose.

The suspects were detained early this Tuesday morning during raids by unarmed police on several houses in the town of Bolton, near Manchester.

Police say the raids are not linked to other recent anti-terrorism operations in the country.

The raids come 10 days before the first anniversary of the July seventh suicide bombings in London that killed 52 commuters.

Meanwhile, two other men arrested on terror charges last week were ordered by a London judge to remain in custody until their next hearings (June 30 and July 4).

Sultan Muhammed was formally charged with conspiracy to murder and to use explosives or poison, and of owning a CD that might be connected with acts of terrorism.

Ahmed Sulieman was charged with possessing documents that could be used for terrorist purposes.

Some information for this report was provided by AFP, AP and Reuters.