British authorities have formally confirmed the identity of all four London bombing suspects.

Scotland Yard released security camera images showing the four at the Luton train station north of London about an hour before last week's explosions on subway trains and a bus that killed 55 people and injured 700.

A statement identified the latest two as Mohammed Sidique Khan, 30, and Germaine Lindsay, 19. Authorities earlier had named the others as Shahzad Tanweer, 22, and Hasib Hussain, 18. Three of the four are Britons of Pakistani background while Germaine Lindsay is identified as a Jamaican-born Briton.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Tony Blair called on the world to confront what he called an evil ideology. The British leader told a Labour Party conference what the world is facing is not a clash of civilizations, but what he called a global struggle, a battle of ideas both within Islam and outside it. He warned that the greatest danger now is that the world will fail to face up to the issue.

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