A British Muslim on trial for soliciting murder and inciting racial hatred says he regrets urging bomb attacks on the United States and Denmark at a protest last year against cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

Umran Javed told a London court Wednesday he got carried away last February, when he called for the bombings while protesting outside the Danish embassy in London.

The protests followed the publication in Danish and other newspapers of cartoons that showed the prophet wearing a bomb-shaped turban. Some protesters carried signs praising the 2005 suicide bombings on the London transit system, which killed 52 people.

Prosecutors said there is no doubt about what Javed wanted his audience to understand.

In November, another protester was convicted of stirring racial hatred at the same demonstration. Mizanur Rahman also was charged with inciting murder, but a jury deadlocked on those charges.

Prosecutors said they would seek a retrial.

Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.