British newspapers are reporting fresh allegations of abuse of Iraqi prisoners by coalition soldiers.

The Daily Mirror Saturday, carried a front page picture showing an Iraqi man with bloodied teeth in the back of a military vehicle. The Mirror reported soldiers had poked prisoners in the eyeballs or punched or kicked them.

The Independent newspaper carried the account of Kifah Talah, a 44-year-old engineer who said he was hooded and beaten around the neck and chest.

The Ministry of Defense has confirmed it is investigating claims of prisoner abuse made by a Territorial Army reservist attached to the Queen's Lancashire Regiment. The ministry said the soldier met with military police after sharing the charges with the Daily Mirror.

British officials are already investigating photos published earlier in the Daily Mirror showing two unidentified British soldiers kicking and mistreating hooded Iraqi detainees.

Some British military experts contest the authenticity of the pictures, but the Daily Mirror says it stands by them.