Military authorities in Iraq confirmed Thursday morning that one British soldier was killed and another injured during the night, in the southern part of the country.

A British military spokesman says the attack followed a British raid to the east of the southern city, Basra. One soldier was killed and another injured, after being fired upon with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.

Their convoy was returning to base, when a crowd of people blocked the road, beginning a standoff. Warning shots were fired by the British soldiers. Then, they were attacked. Ten Iraqis were arrested following the incident.

The incident follows the death of three British soldiers, last week, in Basra. They died when their vehicle was attacked by gunmen in another car.

Two American soldiers were killed in separate incidents, Wednesday, in Baghdad and to the west of the capital, as their convoys were targeted by roadside bombs. A further five U.S. soldiers were injured.

British forces are responsible for the southern part of Iraq, which has remained relatively stable since President Bush declared major combat to be over, May 1. The latest attack brings the number of combat deaths to 49 for British forces, since the war began.