President Bush has apologized for what he calls the humiliation suffered by Iraqi prisoners at the hands of American soldiers.

Speaking Thursday at the White House, President Bush told Jordan's King Abdullah he was "sorry" for the incidents, and pledged that those behind the abuse will be brought to justice. It was Mr. Bush's first public apology since the scandal broke last week.

His comments came hours after the Washington Post newspaper published new photographs showing the abuse of Iraqi prisoners. The photos are similar to those published in the U.S. media last week showing American soldiers mistreating naked Iraqi prisoners at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison.

Mr. Bush appeared on two Arabic language television stations Wednesday to try and quell anger over the images, which have brought international condemnation.

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld will testify about the abuse reports Friday at an open hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Following the hearing, he will meet privately with members of the Senate.

Meanwhile, the International Committee of the Red Cross says it repeatedly urged U.S. authorities to take "corrective action" at Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison before photographs of prisoner became public.