A new poll indicates President George W. Bush's approval rating has fallen as Americans become increasingly concerned about a rising number of casualties in Iraq.

A Washington Post-ABC News poll out Saturday says President Bush's overall approval rating has fallen nine percent in the past three weeks to about 60 percent.

This corresponded with an eight percent increase in the number of Americans who disapproved of the number of casualties in Iraq. Fifty two percent of those questioned now say casualties in Iraq have reached an "unacceptable" level, compared to 44 percent who found the casualty level acceptable.

But seven out of 10 people surveyed said U.S. troops should remain in Iraq, even if it means there will be more casualties. Only one in four people said there have been more casualties than expected.

The poll also found a majority of the country still considers the war to have been worth the sacrifice.

The sampling of 1,000 adults across the nation has a margin of error of three percent.