Governments around the world are condemning the car bombing in the Indonesian island of Bali.

President Bush called it "a heinous act" designed to create terror and chaos. He said terrorists have once again targeted innocents, this time in Indonesia. In his statement released Sunday, Mr. Bush called on the world to confront the global menace of terrorism.

Several Americans are believed to be among the injured. The U.S. embassy in Indonesia said it is re-evaluating the extent of its diplomatic presence in the archipelago.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard warned his nation to prepare itself for a significant number of deaths. Kuta, where the blast took place, is a popular destination for Australians.

Mr. Howard called on Indonesia to crack down on terrorist activities, saying several groups are known to have ties with the al-Qaida terror network.

European Union countries, Russia, Japan and the Philippines are also condemning the blast, calling it a despicable terrorist attack.

Britain, France, Australia and the United States say they are ready to help Indonesia track down those responsible.