President Bush meets with British Prime Minister Tony Blair Saturday to discuss possible military action against Iraq. The president is trying to rally international support against Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

President Bush and Prime Minister Blair will meet for several hours Saturday afternoon at the presidential retreat outside Washington.

Mr. Blair is one of the few U.S. allies backing the president's call for action against Saddam Hussein, who the president says is a threat to world peace because he could help terrorists acquire weapons of mass destruction.

Mr. Bush spoke by telephone Friday with the leaders of Russia, China, and France. He wants their support for a U.N. resolution pressing the Iraqi leader to honor promises on weapons inspections.

So far, those allies have expressed concerns about the potential use of U.S. force in Iraq, with French President Jacques Chirac saying President Bush should not attack the country without approval from the U.N. Security Council.

Mr. Bush will continue to make his case against the Iraqi leader at the United Nations next week. Following that speech, officials say U.S. diplomats will visit Moscow, Beijing, and Paris to discuss how best to counter Iraqi threats.