President Bush says Americans should honor the victims of the September 11 attacks by volunteering more in their communities. In the year since the attacks, President Bush says the generosity and sacrifice of American volunteers shows a nation that is responding to acts of evil with acts of good. "As September the 11 approaches, difficult memories of planes and buildings will resurface," said President Bush. "But so will images of brave individuals coming to the aid of neighbors in need."

In his weekly radio address, the president called for a "September of Service" to honor those killed in the terrorist attacks. He wants more people to join local volunteer programs that teach children to read, or collect food for the poor.

After the attacks, Mr. Bush asked all Americans to dedicate at least 4,000 hours of their lives in service to their communities, the country and the world.

After promising to double to size of the Peace Corps, President Bush says applications for the organization are up 40 percent.

The White House has set up a new Web site, and is sending training materials to 130,000 schools to help plan student service projects and work with community groups. "Young people have the energy and determination to do important work and volunteer service can teach them valuable lessons about responsibility, community, and selflessness at an early age," Mr. Bush said.

The president travels to New York September 11, where he will take part in ceremonies at the site of the World Trade Center before addressing the United Nations the following day.