President Bush (r) meets with El Salvador's President Antonio Saca

President Bush has called on the U.S. Congress to pass a free trade agreement with Central America and the Dominican Republic, saying all sides would benefit from it.

Friday in North Carolina, President Bush said the proposed Central American Free Trade Agreement would eliminate tariffs on U.S. exports, leading to increased sales and the creation of more jobs in the United States.

He says the agreement, known as CAFTA, would also help stabilize and support democracy in Latin America.

Mr. Bush discussed the proposal earlier Friday at the White House with his Salvadoran counterpart, Antonio Saca.

The Senate approved CAFTA two weeks ago, but its fate remains uncertain in the House of Representatives. Democrats opposed to it say its labor and environmental protections are inadequate.

Critics also say it will cost U.S. jobs as firms move to Central America for cheaper labor.