President Bush meets Monday at the White House with Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika - the first event in a week packed full of meetings and speeches on the war on terrorism.

It will be a week of aggressive diplomacy. President Bush will meet with eight foreign leaders this week at the White House, and many more at the United Nations on the weekend.

He will also make a series of speeches to rally support both at home and abroad. He will speak via satellite Tuesday to a terrorism conference in Poland, and on Saturday he will address the UN General Assembly. Aides say he will urge other countries to step up their commitment to combating terrorism by replacing words with deeds.

In addition to the president of Algeria, Mr. Bush will confer with top officials from Kuwait and Morocco as part of his effort to win support from Muslim countries.

The president will also hold his first face-to-face talks on terrorism with the leaders of India and Pakistan. And he will consult with two key European allies: the president of France and the prime minister of Great Britain.