President Bush says he is delighted the U.N. Security Council is nearing a vote on a resolution supporting Iraq's new transitional government. VOA White House Correspondent Scott Stearns reports from Georgia where President Bush is meeting with world leaders before the G8 summit.

If things go well, President Bush says the U.N. vote could be unanimous, showing that Security Council members are interested in working together to make sure that Iraq is free, peaceful and democratic.

?I think this is a very important moment on making sure that our objective is achieved,? he said. ?These nations understand that a free Iraq will serve as a catalyst for change in the broader Middle East which is an important part in winning the war on terror.?

Some Security Council members had questioned how much autonomy that new Iraqi government will have with more than 130,00 U.S. troops staying in Iraq after the June 30 hand-over of power.

U.S. and British officials revised the resolution to give the new government greater oversight over U.S.-led military operations.

Those changes appear to have satisfied French and German concerns about the plan, though they will not contribute troops.