President Bush continues to lobby for more help in Iraq in talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They will also discuss Iran's uranium enrichment program.

President Bush is looking for support for a new U.N. resolution that would establish a multinational security force in Iraq, and get more nations to help pay for the country's reconstruction.

President Putin has raised the possibility of Russian troops in Iraq under U.S. command, but says it is not something under active consideration.

Mr. Putin joined his French and German counterparts in opposing the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, but has since generally avoided criticizing President Bush for acting without U.N. approval.

Instead, he says the United Nations should now have a central role in Iraq's political and economic transition.

Mr. Bush and Mr. Putin will also discuss a stalled Middle East peace plan, as well as Iran's nuclear program. Russia is helping Iran build nuclear reactors. The Bush administration says Iran is secretly developing a nuclear weapons program, and wants the issue brought before the Security Council.

Mr. and Mrs. Putin will spend the night at the presidential retreat at Camp David before the two presidents take questions from reporters Saturday morning.