President Bush meets Thursday at the White House with Jordan's King Abdullah. The White House said the talks will focus on promoting peace.

On the eve of the meeting, terrorists struck again in Israel. A bomb exploded at the Hebrew University in East Jerusalem killing at least seven people, including three Americans.

President Bush condemned the bombing and vowed to continue to fight terrorism and push for peace. Later, when word of the first American victim reached Washington, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said only that terrorists pose a universal threat.

"Terrorism is terrorism and it takes people regardless of their ethnicity or background or their nationality," Mr. Fleischer said.

Mr. Fleischer said stopping the violence will be a key topic when the president meets with King Abdullah. In a speech Tuesday, the Jordanian leader urged quick action on Palestinian statehood.

But President Bush has emphasized reforms must come first, including creation of a Palestinian security force that will fight terrorism.