President Bush has met with the last surviving American veteran of World War I.

Mr. Bush said it was his honor to welcome Frank Buckles to the White House Thursday. He said the 107-year-old Buckles' mind is sharp and his memory is crisp.

The president said Buckles, who signed up for the Army at the age of 15, shared interesting anecdotes and has a "vivid recollection of historic times." Buckles was stationed in Europe during World War I. He also served in World War II, and was a prisoner of war in the Philippines.

Mr. Bush thanked Buckles for his patriotism and love of his country. He said meeting with Buckles was one way to honor the service of past and present military personnel.

In the Oval Office news appearance, Buckles sat in a wheelchair next to the president. His daughter, Susannah, also was in attendance.