President Bush says the United Nations Security Council will vote Friday on a U.S. resolution to disarm Iraq.

The president spoke moments ago at a White House news conference.

Mr. Bush also called on Democrats and Republicans to come together after Tuesday's elections to approve legislation creating a new Department of Homeland Security.

On Iraq, Mr. Bush said he is optimistic the U.N. Security Council will approve a U.S. sponsored resolution demanding Iraq disarm or face serious consequences. He said Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and his program to develop weapons of mass destruction are a threat to peace.

Mr. Bush said he spoke Thursday with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and French President Jacques Chirac on gaining agreement to the U.N. resolution.

Regarding North Korea, President Bush said his initial approach will be to work with nations in the region to make sure Pyongyang does not develop nuclear weapons. Mr. Bush said North Korea cannot expect to be a member of the family of nations if it enriches uranium to build an atomic bomb. He said it is not in the world's interests for North Korea to have nuclear weapons.